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Foundation for Academic Studies and Global Development was registered in Moscow in May 2005. By that moment a few groups of researchers who had been working with those who set up Foundation had considerable experience of solving social and technological problems. Defense sector of the economy, oil and gas state and private companies, food store networks, overseas policy of the state were the fields attracting attention of Foundation experts to offer some strategies in accordance with demands of customers. Globalization, appearance of global companies, challenge of hyper-competition, rising new wealth and deepening world poverty, - all these new factors of development initiated establishing Foundation for Academic Studies and Global Development.
Two main things make the Most of most. These two things are knowledge and efforts.Knowledge makes the efforts and efforts seek for knowledge. And Most is the result..Someone always vehicle the mission... That's how the planet goes.
Foundation for Academic Studies and Global Development should solve three fundamental problems: to collect groups of talented researches and make studies; to serve as mediator between inventors and venture capitalists i.e. to play the role of commercialization officer for technology transfer; to provide academic institutes with financial resources for research activities.
Foundation development includes a few stages: first stage – adaptation to the world system of non-profit organizations financial supply making accent on financing researches; second stage – creating an infrastructure of researchers groups and establishing close relations with well known research institutes which can not afford themselves to be very smart in money searches; third stage – connecting researches with money and widening this procedure; fourth stage – establishing Foundation branches in overseas countries for keeping on the same strategy in different regions of the world. Really the stages will be overlapped one to another dependently on the situation and demands of researchers and markets they are working for.
Foundation is governed by the Board, including three persons. In 2005 the Honorable Chairman of Board was also appointed. Executive power is given to the President and Executive Director. President has the right to take financial decisions, executive director has no such a right. Observation Council of the Foundations has to provide control for activities and financial operations.
President of Foundation - Andrey K. Soubbotin, doctor of economics.
Executive Director - Vladimir S. Kulikov, candidate of economics.
Director on Political Assistance - Alex A. Soubbotin.
Andrey K. Soubbotin - President of the Foundation, doctor of economics.

Foundation is planning to carry out its activities at the expense of national and international sources, assigned for academic researches. The main national sources are the Ministry of science and education, the Ministry of industry and energy, Russian State Foundation for Science, Russian Foundation for Fundamental Studies, private foundations and companies. The principal overseas financial sources are the 7-th Research Frame Program, non-commercial organizations using financial resources of the World Bank, International Trade Organization, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, private foundations of the leading developed countries.
Foundation is preparing to participate in researches led by other Russian academic institutes and industrial corporations in the field of hydrogen energetics, neuro-processor, manufacturing crystals and biomaterials in weightlessness. In the field of social sciences Foundation is going to conduct a wide range of studies, such as industrial safety in large cities, elimination of absolute poverty, energy security, migration of labor force, use of force in international relations, intellectual property distribution and so on.
Foundation is planning to promote to academic institutes studying social sciences to receive grants for researches from different national and international sources.
Foundation is preparing to participate in a few working programs of the 7-th Research Frame Program of European Union. Now the stage of searching European collaborators and coordinators is going on. One of the Foundation researches has been registered as the candidate for expert of the 7-th Research Frame Program.
Office fax: +7(495)125-2225
Cell telephone: 8(916)217-3002
Telephone: 8(903)279-5948

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